Created by the award winning filmmaker and director Charles Mattocks, Eight Days is a program for healthy living and provides quality entertainment. We merge learning, health, diet, exercise, medicine, and a holistic approach to life. Eight Days creates a portal to share your brand, product, device, or services to millions around the country and the world. What better way to reach your audience than in the comfort of their living rooms? Eight Days allows the viewer access, at any time of the day, to full and engaging episodes.

Each season we will focus on a new condition or disease. Our first season saw great success with Diabetes. The show aired on Discovery Networks to rave reviews. We just wrapped a new season with the focus on Cancer. We aim to create seasons with topics on Dementia, HIV, Mental Health, Sickle Cell and more. 


In an overloaded health care system, doctors are limited in the time they have to educate each person on their conditions. Eight Days pulls together top resources and information to help those in need. Guests and experts in the areas of nutrition, fitness training, Mental health and medicine may play important roles. These healthcare specialists and doctors provide life-saving information; saving patients months of time and thousands of dollars.


Our goal with Eight Days is to educate while entertaining. We want to save lives through a program that brings together information in a cohesive format on a platform allowing for anyone at any time to view it. Being a reality show, there will be up and downs as five people are challenged in a house for eight days.


Each episode takes viewers on a powerful and emotional ride. Eight Days is about reversing one's course in life and turning it around for not only better health, but for a better future.

changing lives through health

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