season 2 

Following the overwhelming success of season one of Reversed, Charles and the producers are working on creating another amazing season that will take a new set of guests, both type1 and type 2 diabetics, to another exciting location!


The new season will come with more exciting twists and turns as we will introduce a plant-based diet and a more “live-off-the-land” atmosphere. The guests will be put in situations where they will be pushed to make the changes to live a better overall quality of life.


The results of the guests from season 1 have been truly amazing and they have maintained their changes and have become advocates for diabetes and better health.  Some guests and experts from season one will be brought back to be house mentors and experts. 


A special twist that will leave all wanting to find out how each episode plays out will keep many coming back for more!  With a new location and well known experts, Reversed is just heating up!


enjoy this sneak preview of season 1 - full ep.2 

host and creator

Celebrity chef Charles Mattocks also known as The Poor Chef, nephew to the late reggae legend Bob Marley. He is an award winning film producer, as well as, an international diabetes advocate, IDF Blue Circle Champion, American Diabetes Association published author. Charles has made appearances on major talks shows around the country from CNN to Dr. Oz and more. As a best selling author and advocate, Charles was on the road to becoming a household name until his personal diagnosis of Type II diabetes. After such devastating news Charles started a global mission for not only his life, but also for the millions struggling with diabetes.


Reversed was born out of a desire to help, inspire and educate billions worldwide. Charles created a movement, a first ever reality TV show and a blue print for not only tackling diabetes, but many other conditions while also improving overall health.

house mentors

house mentor


 In February 2016, I had an ICD (implanted cardiac device) procedure, and it was determined that I was pre-diabetic. Six months later my status changed to Type II Diabetes.

I had seen firsthand the effects of diabetes through witnessing other family members suffer from diabetes. Unfortunately, my family’s medical history is not the greatest. On my father’s side, there is a history of heart disease, as well as, diabetes; my mother’s side has a history of cancer. Still I stand strong and hope for better health. Reversed is my hope and I believe the challenge is within me.

Jerome was a previous guest on Season 1

and has first hand experience to share with

Season 2's guests.

Current Health Status

• Lost 40lbs plus •

• Cleared of all Diabetic Medications •

• Cut Heart Medications in  Half •

• Cleared of Insulin dependancy, no longer using •

house mentor

Felice Guimont

RN CDE, has had a successful nursing career for over 27 years and has thrived with Type 1 Diabetes for over 43 years.


She is published in Diabetes Forecast, and has worked closely with the American Diabetes Association, and loves her role as an educator. She has dedicated her life to assisting others with the multitude of challenges of diabetes from a real life, personal perspective. Her sometimes intense, transparent approach to self management has yielded improved outcomes for many whom she's educated. Seeing firsthand the lack of accessibility to education and the need for others to realize the emotional complexity of diabetes, fueled her to participate in the Reversed show.


Surprisingly for her, she received better insight to her own health during the filming of season one. She believes that there's always something new to learn. Participating in Reversed helped her realize her own dreams of receiving all aspects of support that people with diabetes deserve while reinforcing the manageability of the condition.

currently casting for season 2

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